Thursday 29 January 2015

I Am A Migrant

The I Am A Migrant project opposes the mendacity, scaremongering and outright bigotry which surround the immigration debate in the UK. In its own words:

The aim ... is to provide some much needed balance to current debates concerning immigration to Britain and EU membership, as well as wider issues relating to migration more broadly outside of the EU context. Motivation to launch the project stems from a deep concern over the future of the UK, specifically the kind of society it will be.

I wholeheartedly support this goal, and I Am A Migrant has kindly republished my recent piece "Waste of Space: An Open Letter to Nigel Farage".

I Am A Migrant is open to contributions; both general articles such as mine, and more personal stories. These may be from migrants like myself, saying how we came to the UK and why we choose to make it our home; but contributions from those born in the UK are welcome as well. If you are concerned about the immigration debate in the UK, I encourage you to visit this site, and consider sharing your story.

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