Friday 29 May 2015

Cute Cat Friday 2014-05-29: Belle

In need of some lap time after being in the cattery while we were on holiday.

I believe Dexter occupied more of Belle's energy than I ever suspected.

Here's the scene at 5 am today:

Belle: The sun is up. Feed me! (Prod, meow, claw at blankets.)
Me: OK. (Gets up, shuffles downstairs. Puts cat food in bowl and bowl on floor. Goes back to bed.)

So far, so normal. I expect Belle to eat breakfast and then go amuse herself, but it is not to be.

15 minutes later:
Belle: I've eaten now. I'm bored. Play with me! (Prod, meow, claw at blankets.)
Me: No. Need sleep. (Leads Belle into hallway, closes bedroom door, goes back to bed.)

5 minutes later:
Belle: I'm still bored. Play with me! (Meows, scratches noisily at door.)
Me: No. Need sleep. (Leads Belle downstairs, closes doors to kitchen and living room to keep her there.)

2 hours later:
Me: (Gets up, showers, goes downstairs. Belle is standing by living room door and meowing.)
Belle: There you are. Love me!
Me: OK. (Pets Belle for a while, then has breakfast.)

20 minutes later:
Me: (Sits down to tie shoes.)
Belle: Hey, there's a lap. I want to sit there! (Jumps into my lap.)
Me: (Pets Belle for a while. Considers calling into work to say, trapped on the stairs by a needy cat. Reluctantly dislodges Belle from lap and goes out.)

It's tiring, but I must admit it's very sweet of her. We might adopt a new playmate for Belle in a few months. Meanwhile, I'll deploy the cat toys and laser pointer to see if I can wear her out this evening.

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