Thursday 14 August 2014

Gin and Tacos: A Recommendation

I am not referring to the drink and the foodstuff. Although those are also good.

Gin and Tacos is a blog written by a political science lecturer somewhere in the midwest of the USA. The author is known as Ed; for professional reasons he is vague about his last name and location.

It is without a doubt some of the truest, funniest, angriest writing on modern America I have ever seen. It's mostly about politics, but Ed maintains a tradition of No Politics Friday in which he turns his keen observational eye and furious invective on more general matters. He has been posting five times a week since 2004 so the archives are vast.

It's fair to say Gin and Tacos is an inspiration to my own blogging efforts, and long may it continue.

A few of my favourite posts:
I don't know why so many of them are food-related, since it's not exactly a major theme of the blog, but life is mysterious that way. The political stuff is great too.

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