Saturday 31 October 2015

Blog break for Nanowrimo

Once again, I'm planning to take a blog break for November to concentrate on Nanowrimo. Cute Cat Friday will continue as normal and I'll be back to posting in December.

See last year's post for a description of what this is all about. As it turns out, last year I was distracted and blogged more or less at normal pace, but I'm hoping to stay a little more focused this time.


  1. I'm feeling utterly unprepared for it, but might have a go at a half-formed idea I have for a satire on a certain political issue of recent note... Opening line "I can't remember when exactly it was the flags began appearing everywhere..."

    1. Good luck! "Utterly unprepared" is a fair description of one or two years when I got to 50k, so you never know.