Saturday 1 March 2014

Hello, world!

I am starting this blog to muse, rant, and pontificate about things which interest me. In no particular order, this includes books, science fiction, scientific fact, politics, and cinema.

I am a scientific software developer and occasional scribbler of stories. I enthusiastically participate in the Nanowrimo attempt to write fifty thousand words of fiction each November, and I have reached the target four times since 2008. My other interests include real ale, whisky, cooking, cycling, and hillwalking.  I am originally from Canada; lived in Edinburgh, Scotland for several years; and now I live in Cambridge, England with my wife and two cats.

Iain Roberts is a pseudonym. My real name is rather too close to that of a well-known fiction writer.

I don't know what directions this blog will take over time, but it will be fun finding out. Let the show begin!

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