Friday 3 March 2017

Third Blogiversary

As of the 1st of March, I've been writing this blog for three years. I'm still enjoying it very much and intend to continue. In these times especially, it's good to have a space to sort out my thoughts on the direction of our society; rant about my frustrations with the same; and post cat pictures to try and maintain sanity.

My ten most viewed posts in the year are:
  1. Cute Cat Friday 2017-01-27: Joni
  2. Parliament: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: On Parliament, Donald Trump, and Brexit
  3. On the Stupidity of David Cameron: My immediate reaction, the morning after the European referendum result. Lots of NSFW language.
  4. Full Circle: On the grotesque caricature of Western capitalism practiced in Russia, and how the Trump administration sees it as a model to be followed.
  5. Please Vote Remain: My heartfelt argument to vote Remain. I was one of many people saying things like this, but as it turned out, not enough.
  6. Mad Hatter Democracy: On the chaotic aftermath of the Brexit vote.
  7. Cute Cat Friday 2016-03-11: Joni
  8. Reasons to be Afraid: My post on the eve of the US election, pointing out that it was not in the bag for Hillary Clinton.
  9. Assorted US Election Thoughts: Observations from the primary season, on Hillary versus Bernie and Trump versus Everyone.
  10. The Deplorables of Punxsutawney: On the voters in small Pennsylvanian towns who helped hand Trump the election.
Inevitably, they're dominated by Brexit and Trump. Here's hoping the next twelve months are a little more positive. If not, there's still Cute Cat Friday to sustain us.

A couple of less-political posts I'd like to highlight:

Thanks to all my readers, and to the lovely Joni, star of Cute Cat Friday.

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