Friday 19 June 2015

Cute Cat Friday 2015-06-19: In memoriam Dexter

We will scatter Dexter's ashes in our back garden tomorrow.

Below the fold are some more pictures of our much loved cat, as a chronicle of his life with us.

Here is Dexter's adoption advert. This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Dexter on his very first day with us: A little bit scared, but very friendly and curious.

Soon enough he was happy to snuggle down on our laps and go to sleep...

... have a nap in a sunbeam...

... or claim a chair for himself.

He liked spending time in the back garden too...

... especially on warm sunny days.

Then we adopted his little sister Belle. It took a few weeks for them to accept each other...

... but they learned to share lap space...

... and the garden.

He always enjoyed his naps, and being brushed and stroked.

Here is Dexter, two months before he sadly passed away. Until only a couple of days before the end, he was fit, active and enjoying life. I am grateful for every single day we had with him.

Dexter, 2004? – 2015

Dexter was our first cat together, and my first pet of my own. He was the warmest, gentlest, most affectionate of cats. We love him very much, and will remember him always.

Dexter was living on the streets before the Blue Cross took him in. It's because of their great work with animals that he came into our lives. Many thanks to everyone who supports the Blue Cross, on Dexter's memorial page or in any other way.

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