Thursday 17 July 2014

Scotland does it better

In recent times England has made a habit of humiliating Scotland at rugby; but when it comes to an official residence for the head of government, Scotland is clearly superior.

In search of an attractive and somewhat relevant illustration for yesterday's post on the SNP, I found this picture of Bute House in Edinburgh:

Source: Wikipedia

Compare and contrast with 10 Downing Street, the rightmost of the front doors in this photo:

Source: OpenBuildings

No contest. None at all.

The New Town of Edinburgh has many impressive dwellings, but even by those standards Bute House is something special. On the other hand, I would say the parliament buildings are a score draw between Westminster's Gothic revival and Holyrood's funky Catalan modernism.

(Note: I am pretty sure that "funky Catalan modernism" is not an official genre of architecture.)

The Palace of Westminster
The Scottish Parliament building

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